•  Release date: 25 Nov. 2019

  •  Price: 24.99$

  •  Available on: Steam

  •  Platform: PC

  •  Developer: rosmic games

  •  Publisher: rosmic games

  •  Game Engine:Unreal Engine 4

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ID-EGO a single-player FPS game in a sci-fi setting where you are put behind enemy lines and brought back to consciousness by mysterious drone.

The wanna-be-overlord drone "ID-EGO" is your backseat-driver. He will send you off into the depths of an unexplored alien ship to complete missions he deem necessary. You don’t know if you can trust him, but he is the only one you got and your best bet at survival.

Throughout the game you must survive action-packed combat, solve puzzles, find hidden secrets and defeat bosses to make your way through your own adventure. (Or let´s be real, ID-EGOs adventure).

ID-EGO is an old school shooter, meaning you have to figure out the way yourself. Your skill decide your progress because there are no special abilities or level skipping. With a big focus on solid gameplay ID-EGO gives the player the opportunity to choose and refine their playstyle. Run over the enemy by brute force, or take a safer approach and let them come to you, the choice is yours.


Puzzles         Procedural levels         Action-packed combat

Hidden secrets         Missions         Bosses


Check out our gameplay trailer! It showcases a tiny bit of what ID-EGO is all about!


Check out our screenshot gallery, it's a tiny slice of ID-EGO!


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rosmic games is an independent game studio located in Borås, Sweden. The studio was founded in 2017 by a small group gaming enthusiasts. ID-EGO is the first game developed by rosmic games and proves that it is possible to create something great with a small but highly motivated team that are willing to work hard and improve every day.

As a company the goal is and always will be to create fun and exciting games with focus on gameplay, games we would like to play ourselves.

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